Welcome to CARA Medical!

How May We Help? As a purchasing professional, do any of the following keep you awake at night?

  • -The pressure to meet M/WBE procurement goals
  • -Tired of waiting for vendor pricing so you can process that purchase order and clear it off of your desk
  • -Can’t find that incidental item that a requestor keeps bugging you about
  • -Open Requisitions because you don’t want to establish a new vendor account for small, miscellaneous items

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you have found CARA Medical, A Vendor Partner who…

  • -Is a Certified M/WBE (find us under “The CARA Equipment & Supply Company, Inc.” in the NYS database)
  • -Provides Rapid Response to Requests for Product Information & Quotes
  • -Will Spend the Time to Research Hard to Source Products so you don’t have to
  • -Is Happy to Provide Incidental Items to Reduce the Need to Establish Multiple Vendor Accounts for Subsidiary Products

Our strength of service is in discretionary purchases for:

    – Medical/Nursing/Health-Related Equipment & Supplies
    – Rehabilitation/Habilitation Equipment & Supplies
    – First Aid Equipment & Supplies

CARA Medical is truly your “wise choice” vendor. You can trust that we will meet your needs without exception or compromising our core values.